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We are end-to-end suppliers and service providers for new construction and renovation projects in both commercial and residential sectors. We have a showroom where we house finishing materials from flooring, tiles, carpet, wallpaper, lighting, kitchens, bathrooms, custom millwork, and more. We have designed our flagship showroom to cater to both B2B and B2C clients. Where our clients, whether they are architects, designers, engineers, or end-users, will meet to have presentations and review materials and products of their projects.

We are design-centric, Renocon centres around 4 core pillars. These pillars include Interior Design, Materials, Project management, and Trades. We design, specify, procure materials, manage, and build our projects all under one roof. We provide materials and services to homeowners, developers, builders, architects, interior designers, and contractors. Each type of client takes advantage of one or more of our core sections. For example, for a homeowner, we offer a turn-key solution to high-end design, materials, fabrication, products and construction from start to finish including all municipal permitting requirements. For Builders, we offer interior design, materials, and specialty trades. We have done projects across Canada and a few projects in the Western US. We offer our services à la carte to our industry peers and stake-hold clients.

We are a hybrid as we have been told by our partners, we are a retail showroom for finishes and products however we are also the designers and the execution team for projects. This of course is rooted in the pursuit of delivering the vision of the designer without any substitutions to the specifications they have laid out.


founder’s story.

After graduating from BCIT and some years working within the industry, our founder Golnaz quickly became frustrated with the way design integrated into the construction industry.

Early on in her career she realized that the best materials and products were scattered across the city. Thus this meant that she would have to spend much of her day travelling from one showroom to another finding the finishes and products that would create the spaces for her clients. Logistically this was challenging and creatively it was quite draining. Shuttling borrowed samples back and forth to clients and constantly having travel times and timeframes running her days worked in opposite of her creative energy.

However this was only one side of the process, she witnessed time and time again how stressful things could be for clients during the construction process. Having to deal and coordinate with multiple trades and specialties. Frictions arose with trades that hadn’t worked together, fabricators that only saw their piece of the project and not the entire vision; the trades lacked the unifying “glue” to bring the design to fruition. Clients were then expected to make decisions feeling pressured by time and often with little confidence. This often resulted with the design elements and details being sacrificed to satisfy budgets and accommodate the available local expertise. Materials and products in one place, an aligned and unified team of trades and fabricators, a design-centric construction management team, and a space to house them all; these are the principles to that catalyzed the birth of Renocon in 2007.

A space where a globally curated collection of finishes, textures, materials, and products are housed – all within reach of one another.

A space that connects global products with a skilled team that knows how to execute each piece of your project.

A space where designers, architects, dwellers, and stakeholders may gather to conceive, collaborate, and commission the components that will make up their space.

A space created with a mission to inspire change in the accepted standard.

A space to create spaces.

The concept of Renocon started out as a solution to a problem. After graduating from BCIT and a few years working in the industry, our founder Golnaz quickly became frustrated with the way things operated within design and construction. She saw how stressful things could be for clients at times during the construction process, dealing with multiple people and having so many overwhelming choices and decisions that needed to be made with little confidence and feeling pressured by time. Golnaz had also experienced the frustration of the design side, shuttling borrowed samples back and forth to clients and constantly having logistics and timeframes running her days, she dreamt of a showroom where clients and designers could go, to have all of the samples they needed at their fingertips and much more time to spend with clients and to design. She saw there could be a different way, a different solution – Renocon Design Centre.

Over 15 years later, Renocon Design Centre has become a one-stop shop for residential and commercial projects. Throughout years of hard work, we have built a place with so many of our own amazing, talented contractors and co-workers whom we all consider family. We pride ourselves on being a young and vibrant, design-first company that creates high-performance, responsible and well-designed interiors. In our multidisciplinary, team-based company, collaboration is key among a talented group of interior designers, project managers, and contractors who work together to create timeless, innovative, and integrated solutions for a wide range of clients. Our services are full spectrum – from new construction and renovation, Interior Design documentation, to the supply and installation of finishing materials for both residential and commercial projects, from start to finish. Everything is housed in our showroom which has become a haven of curated finishing materials from all around the world, and a resource for many people in the industry including clients, architects, designers, and developers.

design centre.


Interior Design

If architecture is what a building looks like, interior design is what it feels like. The most important factor in your finished project is having detailed design documentation to carry the vision through the finish line.

Glocal Products

Global brands. Local expertise. Curated products from local and global brands from around the world installed in our showroom. Products, materials, and finishes hand selected by our designers from the design hotspots of Europe to North America.

Material Showroom

We have created a space for our clients to access all the curated products and materials our design team has compiled from all over the world and all in one place.

Project Management

Each design-build project is assigned a single point of contact. Our awesome team of project managers know that communication is the top priority in successful project completion.

Permit Procurement

As frustrating and over-complicated as they may seem; getting proper city permits for your projects is often a necessity. No sweat, we will manage your city, strata, and property manager approvals for your project.

Tested Trades

This industry’s weight lies on the shoulders of tradespeople. To fulfill the highest standard of craftsmanship we maintain a very skillful team of professional contractors.


selected projects.

Buildya Developments
Renocon Design Center
Barnham House
Beaumont House

A space created where designers, architects, dwellers, and stakeholders may gather to conceive, collaborate, and commission the components that will make up their space.

Our People.


Creative Director, Founder.

golnaz a.

Executive Director.

ali h.

Project Manager.

Kia m.

Senior Designer.

Amir Shahryar t.

Design Technician.

mansi p.


dorothy s.

General Contractor

masoud m.

General Contractor

stan l.

General Contractor

Imaan y.

General Contractor

marko b.

Global brands, local expertise.

family of brands.





We believe the best approach to a successful project is largely based on the detailed work that is completed prior to any construction begins.


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